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My wife and I can't wait to join everyone at the Black Bear Festival. This will be our first trip to the festival. We enjoy doing things in this wonderful state in which we live, especially festivals with music and nature.

John A. Bourgeois
Cutoff, La. USA
Date: 4/9/2011 12:59:43 PM
IP Address :

Well we are here and ready to go, CONGRATULATIONS to the entire committee.
It has been an honor to work with this community to make this event a success.

Karla Byron - Co Chair
2010 Bayou Teche Black Bear and Birding Festival
Patterson,La. USA
Date : 4/15/2010 5:24:36 AM
IP Address :

Hi, my name is Carl. I am the manager of the Domino's Pizza is Franklin. This will be my first time going to the festival. Great website, and good luck with everything. See ya at the festival.

Franklin, LA. USA
Date : 4/6/2010 2:25:46 PM
IP Address :

Good Luck Krista. All of Franklin is rooting for you!!!! Everyone will be pleased with this years festival. We have a number of great people volunteering their time and energy to give back to the community and ensure a wonderful festival. Its not too late to become a volunteer to help ensure a wonderful weekend. "The only people that complain are the people not involved in making something a success." --Abraham Lincoln

Ed "Tiger" Verdin
Date : 2/26/2010 7:42:42 AM
IP Address :
Franklin, LA. USA

Krista, on behalf of the entire committee, we wish you well during your weekend attending the Louisiana Association of Fairs and Festivals. Good luck competing in the Queen of Queens Pageant, you will always be our favorite Queen.

Karla Byron
Date : 2/25/2010 11:28:57 AM
IP Address :
Patterson, La. USA

Looking for something to do during the weekend of April 16-18,2010? Family entertainment as well as a FREE Zone for children 12 and under (parents must be with their children at all times). Come out and support this wonderful community event located on the beautiful Bayou Teche and Main Street, in the Historic District of Franklin.

I be looking for you , Karla Byron

Date : 2/25/2010 11:26:32 AM
IP Address :
Patterson,LA. USA

Lori & I are so looking forward to sharing our animals with all our friends in Franklin and surrounds at the wonderful Bayou Teche Bear Festival. Come see us and spend some time at this fabulous festival in Franklin Louisiana.. Meet some of our animals at

Brett & Lori Matte
2/24/2010 4:33:04 PM
IP Address :
Breaux Bridge, La. USA

Way to go Krista! You will be the Queen for all queens. We're behind you.

Marla Chirdon
2/24/2010 8:37:43 AM
IP Address :
Franklin, LA. USA

I would like to encourage everyone to come out to the 2010 Festival! It is a wonderful thing when community volunteers join together to do something positive ! Please come join us for a good time on the Bayou!

Laura Mott

9/20/2009 7:57:07 AM
IP Address :
Franklin, LA. USA

I would personally like to Thank each of the community members taking time to take part in the newly organized Bayou Teche Bear and Birding Festival.

We will be better than ever in 2010. Anyone wishing to join as a committee member can do so by contacting Diane Wiltz at

We are in the beginning stage of planning the 2010 event and your input is valuable to it's success.

Karla F. Byron

5/31/2009 4:45:04 PM,
IP Address :
E-mail :

I hope everyone comes out to the 2009 Bear Festival and has a really great time.

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Thank you,
David Gilbert (BTBF Webmaster)
Berwick, La.  4/12/2009 8:52:14 PM

As head Volunteer of this year's Festival, we would like to invite everyone out to enjoy the frstives. on behalf of myself and the committee members, Thanks to our sponsors and all who participate. Special thanks to our new King and Queen, Dr. & Mrs. Gary Wiltz.
Delores Stewart
Franklin, La. 4/14/2008 5:52:14 PM

Just wanted to say that I think you have a great line up for the festival this year. I can't wait to hear Johnny Firmin & Company. You picked a good band. Had alot of fun last year. I'm sure it will be the same again this year. Keep up the good work Laura.You are doing a great job. Sincerely yours, Vicky
vicky Landry < >
franklin, la USA - Fri Apr 21 20:01:27 2006

I would like to thank Laura Goulas for obtaining my services again this year to supply Sound Stage and Lighting for the 2006 Bayou Teche Bear Festival.  We had a blast last year and we invite everyone to come pass a great time on the Bayou Teche this year.  Everyone can enjoy the family atmosphere, great food and music. Thanks again, Robin Boudreaux Sr.
Robin Boudreaux Sr. < >
Franklin, La USA - Tue Mar 28  8:09:38 2006

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to give us feedback on the festival. We hope to continue giving everyone a wonderful time. The dates for the next festival are April 21-22, 2006 in downtown Franklin, La.  Sincerly Laura Goulas Festival Manager
Laura Goulas < >
Franklin, LA USA - Thu Oct 13  6:08:38 2005

I wanted to thank all of the committee members and many volunteers, Black Bear Conservation Committee ,the community of Franklin, Parish Officials, Mayor Vincent St. Blanc, Mayor Raymond Harris, Chief McGuire, Captain James Broussard for the opportunity to share the vision of the award winning Bayou Teche Bear Festival. Having been part of such a wonderful event has given me an amazing feeling of honor and pride. We have moved forward in educating the community with the knowledge of living with the Louisiana Black Bear. The economic impact of the festival has spread through the community. As I go forward I will always look back and have sense of pride after working with such a wonderful community. And last but not least Laura Goulas you go girl, thank you for all of your hard work. Sincerely, Karla Byron 2004 and 2005 Festival Manager
Karla Byron <>
Patterson, LA. USA - Tue Jul 26 16:56:49 2005

Please keep me informed of the Louisiana Black Bear status and festival in Bayou Tech. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You
Paul Roberts <>
Metairie, Louisiana USA - Mon Jul 11 10:17:30 2005
i love hunter hayes !!!!!!!!!! ^.^
danielle <>
pass christian, mississippi USA - Fri Jun 10 23:22:19 2005
it"a pleasure to see franklin bear fest.onthe internet, the pictures or beautiful,it lovely to see your hometown with something this refresher of activities.franklin got going on. keep it up.diane bolden ,i miss the peoples of franklin.
memphis, tn. USA - Wed Jun 1 12:18:59 2005
I really emjoyed your website, however i wished to see photo's of Garden City Louisiana to share with friends here in Dallas. Photo's of Garden City's plantation homes would've been outstanding! Kind Regards, Oralene
Oralene Watts/Grandaughter of Henry and Flora Kelly <>
Dallas, Texas USA - Tue May 24 19:10:34 2005
Its great to see Franklin get a festival back in town. I missed the party because I'm up at grad school in Boston, but this site is nice and cures home-sickness!
Kaitlin Deslatte <>
Centerville, LA USA - Sun May 22 15:36:59 2005
Thank you so much for the opportunity to provide backline, (drums, bass amp, guitar amps etc.) for the Bear fest. Beautiful weather, soulful performances, and get me some more BBQ pork on a stick. I really enjoyed the weekend. I would like to thank the festival organizers, volunteers, and especially Carla Byron for a wonderfully successful event. Please consider using my sevices again in the future. Hope to be there next year.
Ronnie Sanders <>
Lafayette, LA USA - Thu Apr 28 21:58:00 2005
I think I speak for the whole band when I say" Man, that was so much fun". I gotta hand it you Ms. Karla, you got it together when it comes to putting on such a tremendous event. Thanks for giving myself and my band the oppitunity to participate and be a part of it all.
Johnny Firmin <>
Franklin, La. USA - Tue Apr 19 18:30:37 2005
The festival was great! Kudos to the organizers of this event! A spur of the moment trip, we travelled in a boat over the Intracoastal Canal, up the Teche, tied our vessel alongside the site by the stage, and had a wonderful time. It was very well organized, and the music was well chosen. Can't wait until next year for the Mutt Strut. That was quite interesting and hilarious at times.
Tom and Tyra Clark <>
Bayou Vista, LA USA - Tue Apr 19 13:29:51 2005
I am stationed at Naval Air Station, Sigonella, Italy. I have always been interested in the current events of my hometown. The website is awesome and glad that the festival was a success. Looking forward to reading more about the upcoming events in the future.
Belpasso, Italy - Tue Apr 19 1:19:55 2005
The BEAR FEST WAS GREAT! The staff, volunteers,weather & the people were fantastic! The sound system (Robin Boudreaux & staff)was excellent.The backline gear (Ronnie ? )was perfect!Thanks for everything-Bill LeBlanc-bassist & tour manager** TK HULIN-STV ADAMS-GG SHINN & SMOKE
Lafayette, LA USA - Mon Apr 18 8:50:49 2005
My daughter Alita was thrilled and awed to meet Hunter Hayes. So needless to say we'll be listening to his CD for days on Indeed it was an awesome and inspirational experience for us all who were able to meet and greet him. Thank-you to all who participated and organized everything. The festival as a whole was great and we look forward to many more in the future.
Juanita Tabb <>
Baldwin, La USA - Sun Apr 17 22:34:39 2005
"Easy Street Productions" would like to thank Mrs. Carla Byron, Michael Domingue, The Franklin Police Department and everyone involved in the process for hiring us to do the Sound, Stage and Lighting for the festival this year. I received many compliments on the great job that we done. The bands that we worked with were all great. We worked hard and enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks again !!!!! Robin J. Boudreaux Sr.
Robin Boudreaux Sr. <>
Franklin, LA USA - Sun Apr 17 22:34:33 2005
Wow! We had a BLAST last night. Ms. Karla you are running a first class festival. The setting is beautiful and the atmosphere is perfect for families who just want to have a good time. To everyone in Franklin; thank you for your warm welcome. My crew that came on our "Party Bus" had a great time.
Blaine Roy <>
Scott, La. USA - Sun Apr 17 7:34:43 2005
BALDWIN, LA USA - Sat Apr 16 21:10:46 2005
I would like to meet Hunter Hayes. His songs is so wonderful to me. I do great things for my family friends and Franklin. If I can get the chance to meet Hunter Hayes then all the work I did to become the person I am today it would be a good thing for me to do great things for this country and for the state of Louisiana. Hunter Hayes songs remind me whenever i was young and it also reminds me what of a great daughter, sister, and friend I am to so many people. I grew up around Hunter Hayes. I am 14 years old I go to Franklin Jr. High School. Hunter Hayes is my favorite singer and my #1 true idol. I hope I can meet Hunter Hayes because i been waten to meet him ever since he started to sing. The song "six years old" I can sing through the whole entire song. Well I pray to god that I get a chance to win a day with my favorite idol Hunter Hayes.
Chantelle Ardeneaux <kelly_breedings_fan2009>
Franklin , Louisiana USA - Fri Apr 15 10:10:11 2005
did not know Black Bears existed in south La. Would like to vist your fest.
Teddous Rosemore <>
New Orleans, Louisiana USA - Thu Apr 14 16:24:18 2005
It would be a real treat to be able to meet with Hunter Hayes. We had the opportunity to see him play a couple of years ago, and my kids really enjoyed it. He is very talented. My kids love to perform and sing, and I love French and zydco music. So it's a great match for us. Maybe they wouldn't complain so much when I play it, if they listened and visited with Hunter. I need a little influence from him. I also have an accordian, but never learned how to play it.
Blake Johnson <>
franklin, La. USA - Thu Apr 14 15:21:33 2005
We would LOVE to meet Hunter Hayes! We are coming to Franklin this weekend to see our grandmother and she told us that he would be there. We can't wait to hear him play!! We've heard about him ,but have never heard him play ever!! Please,Please Pick us !!We are identical twins and this will be our first visit to a Franklin Festival!! And it would be awsome for us to meet a celebrity to brag about when we go to school on Monday! Maybe he'll even take a picture with us for show & tell.
Sadie & Sarah Biggs 7yrs. old <>
New Roads, La USA - Thu Apr 14 14:08:04 2005
Hope we are able to visit the festival this weekend.
Tracey Park <>
Lafayette, LA USA - Thu Apr 14 13:51:43 2005
I am almost seven years old. I like to play my electric guitar. I am very musical and very much a fan of Elvis Presley. I would like to meet Hunter Hayes and see him perform. I want to be in a band one day. I also play drums. Please consider my request! Thank you..Aaron Papa
Aaron Papa <>
Schriever, Louisiana USA - Thu Apr 14 11:48:43 2005
As Senior Citizens we enjoy Hunter's traditional french music. My husband is a native of Breaux Bridge and we often saw Hunter at the Crawfish Festival. The Bear Festival was great last year and hopefully the merchants will benefit from these activities. Stay in Franklin and see all you want to see and do. Thanks for all the hard work and your support of the First Gumbo Cookoff. The Domengeauxs
Beverly Domengeaux <>
Franklin, Louisiana USA - Wed Apr 13 21:36:58 2005
The Bear Festival this year will be great. From the great weather to all the great musical talents and visitors from all across the region, Welcome to Franklin,LA. I was born and raised in Franklin and have been doing sound for festivals for the past 24 years and I plan on having a blast. Thanks Robin Boudreaux sr. Easy Street Productions
Robin Boudreaux sr. <>
Franklin, LA USA - Wed Apr 13 17:23:07 2005
I would very much appreciate it if my name was picked to meet and greeet Hunter Hayes and his family. I've been watching him for a long time, as we are the same age. I would like to surprise my sister and have her meet him too, she's a year older than we are. Thanks, and I'm looking forward to all of the activities of the festival. I'll see ya there!
Ashley Smathers <>
Charenton, Louisiana USA - Wed Apr 13 14:18:00 2005
I'm entering for my daughter, Alice Nicole. She is 6 years old and loves to listen to Hunter. She is a big fan and would love to meet him. He is an inspiration to many children! Thanks for the opportunity!
Tammy Himel <>
Franklin, LA USA - Tue Apr 12 15:19:47 2005
I am entering this contest for my daughter. Ever since she first heard Hunter Hayes's song "6 years old" she couldn't get enough of hearing it. She told me that it was really cool for a young person to do what he loves to do and it inspired her in so many ways. She has never been able to stick with something that she loves, until now, she is in 4-h and she loves it, she has been in it for 4 years now, and loves to help out in the community. I think it would be a great experience for her to meet him, just as much as i like to
Bridget Ardeneaux <>
Franklin, Lousiana USA - Tue Apr 12 14:24:07 2005
I sure would like to meet Hunter Hayes. I see he is a very talented young man. I would like for my daughter who is 14 to meet him, so she could meet someone that has done well for himself.
Fran Larpenteur <>
Franklin, LA USA - Tue Apr 12 12:23:55 2005
It's wonderful that I will have the opportunity to attend my first Bayou Teche Bear Festival. I'm usually back in Santa Barbara so in addition to a gorgeous spring, I look forward to seeing all my friends at the Festival. Oh, and I'd love to meet Hunter Hayes - his energy is incredible and I've watched him since his early days at the Fest Acadian. He's profoundly talented! I can't wait to participate in all the activities! Thanks for a great site.
Mariana Titus <>
Franklin, La. USA - Mon Apr 11 21:35:31 2005
my boys would llove to meet and great hunter hayes.
Lori <>
Baldwin, La. USA - Mon Apr 11 21:06:56 2005
I think that all of us in Franklin is happy to know that Hunter Hayes is coming in our town. I really appriciate what he does. It takes talent to play an instrument, I should know because I play percusion. I think every fan should get to meet him. It would mean a lot to me if I was picked to meet him.
Charity Knight <>
Franklin, Louisiana USA - Mon Apr 11 17:11:28 2005
We're looking forward to the festival.......hopefully the weather will be nice
Lisa Dantin <>
Charenton, Louisiana USA - Mon Apr 11 9:36:09 2005
It is wonderful to hear from everyone and I would like to personally invite you all to come and enjoy our festival and the amazing historical town of Franklin. Laura Goulas Bayou Teche Bear Festival
Laura <>
Franklin, La USA - Mon Apr 11 6:40:36 2005
I really hope to be picked for the meet and greet, I love Hunter's music and think he is an awesome artist, I play guitar and know how hard it is . But he makes everything look so easy. Please remember me and pick my name to meet my favorite singer. Thanks Laci
Laci Goulas <>
Franklin, Louisiana USA - Mon Apr 11 6:19:44 2005
I am excited that the festival is this weekend. It was such a wonderful event last year, thanks to Mrs. Byron and her "crew". I am looking forward to hearing the great music and eating the good food.
Kelly Sanders <>
Lafayette, Louisiana USA - Sun Apr 10 18:42:42 2005
Hope to be picked for the Celebrity Meet and Greet .
Lorin Baudoin <>
Patterson, La. 70380 - Fri Apr 8 8:49:07 2005
The Bear Festival last year had the best Gumbo and we enjoyed seeing the vintage cars--we hope to enjoy the festival again this year!!!!!!!!!!!
Patsy <>
Plaquemine, La USA - Wed Apr 6 18:16:10 2005
This looks awesome, and it's FREE! I am hoping my son and I can attend at least one day of paddling and one day of festival. See you there!!!!
Wendy Wilson Billiot <>
Theriot, LA USA - Thu Mar 31 22:15:13 2005
I was involved with the festival last year and had a blast. Everything was organized and Ms. Karla and her crew were so helpful! Congrats on the awards, good luck this year. If help is needed let me know! - Kioka
Kioka Broussard <>
Baton Rouge, LA USA - Thu Mar 31 2:15:23 2005
I came across your site and got excited about your festival. It's too late for me to attend this year, but I'm saving up to get there next year. My ancestors, the Carlins, have a bit of history there in Franklin. I was there visiting years ago and look forward to visiting again.
Cynthia K. Cullen <>
Sacramento, Ca USA - Mon Mar 28 15:26:26 2005
I attended this fest last year and had a BLAST.I saw more of my high school friends there since our last school reunion.Hope to see more new faces...:)Again AWESOME festival..!!!!!!!!
Larry Landry <larry_>
jeanerette, LA USA - Mon Mar 28 10:25:49 2005
I attended the festival last year and was so excited about the fact that it is a free festival. The Cleco Cub Club Arena was the most wonderful thing I have ever attended. I am going to come this year to bring my grandchildren to the Teddy Bear Repair Clinic that is also free. Franklin you have a winning festival Thank you to the committee members and the City of Franklin.
Joyce Henderson <>
Jena, LA USA - Sat Mar 26 19:52:59 2005
I hope to attend this years' Bear Festival in Franklin, Louisiana. I have always been an admirer of bears here in the South as well as other parts of our great nation. I think they are something to behold and treasured.
Paul Vicknair, Jr <>
Lutcher, Louisiana USA - Wed Mar 23 23:21:39 2005
Looks like it would be a fun festival to attend. Probably won't attend this year (2005) but perhaps in the future?
Brian Sherwood <>
Houston, Tx USA - Thu Mar 17 13:10:29 2005
A great site and excellent work promoting bear education is the first line of defence in saving the bears. We wish all the best and hope to attend one of these days. Greg
Greg Loftus <>
Yellowknife, MWT Canada - Sun Mar 13 18:36:56 2005
We received your flyers from the CVB and have displayed them in our Cafe'.
Ed Halpern
New Orleans, La USA - Mon Mar 7 14:49:15 2005
We are so excited to have more people involved this year. It is important for the kids to know how much we appreciate their participation. Looking forward to seeing you. Laura Goulas Cleco Cub Cub Stage -Chair, Teddy Bear Parade of Stars-Chair, Coloring Contest- Co-Chair
Laura Goulas <>
Franklin, LA USA - Mon Mar 7 6:10:43 2005
I would like to thank the commision for giving the band, From Now Until Then, a chance to participate in the musical portion of the Bear Festival. I am sure the Young teen's will come out to hear the band.
Darlene <>
Patterson, Louisiana USA - Sun Mar 6 22:46:50 2005
Congratulations on the LAFF award! You truly deserve it! This is a wonderful festival, in a beautiful location. I hope that it will be even BETTER this year! I'm praying for perfect weather for you! WONDERFUL JOB, KARLA!
Connie Thomas <>
Morgan City, LA USA - Tue Mar 1 6:46:31 2005
WE DID IT! We were named the #1 "Best New Event" 2004 in the State in our division of 25,000 attendance or less. WOW! Franklin give yourself a pat on the back. Let's go for 2005.
Karla Byron <>
Patterson, LA USA - Sat Feb 26 7:23:20 2005
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Berwick, La USA - Fri Feb 25 17:07:46 2005